Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE) held its 2017  international conference in Dar – Es – Salaam, Tanzania in September  20-22, at The Landmark Hotel.

The theme of the conference was “Cultivating Oneness in Christ: Biblical Truth about Equality for Men and Women in the Church, Home and Society”

The conference was attended by 128 delegates from 10 countries  including Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon,  Tanzania, United States of America, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Denmark,  and South Africa.

The Main speakers were:

  1. Rev. Mrs. Itika William Mwakabana of Lutheran Church, Tanzania
  2. Rev. Terrier Robinson, Director of Women in Church and Society, USA
  3. Pastor Frank Tweheyo, African Programs Director from Empower International, Uganda
  4. Consoler Eliya the Executive Director, New hope for Girls, Tanzania
  5. Wayne Pelly a minister of Empower International Ministries, USA
  6. Jenny Rae Armstrong of United Methodist Church, USA
  7. Mary Louise Wiley, Development Manager at CBE Internationals, USA.
  8. Flora Mwikali, New Scent Centre International, Kenya
  9. OjongBenvictor– Micah networks of Cameroon
  10. Hannah Rasmussen Oasis International, USA.


  1. Side by Side Faith Movement – Rev Terrie Robinson
  2. Working with Abused and Vulnerable Women and Girls in Dar Es Salaam – Consoler Eliya
  3. Dismantling Patriarchy culturally and Religiously – Mary Louise Wiley
  4. Contextual Bible Study: Tamar Campaign and the Role of the Church on  Sexual and Gender Based Violence – Rev. Mrs. Itika Mwakabana William.
  5. Genesis as the Basis for Gender Equality – Wayne Pelly.
  6. New Man New Woman – Frank Tweheyo.
  7. Equipping Youths for Leadership – Jenny Rae Armstrong.
  8. Micah Networks – Benvictor Ojong
  9. Defending the rights of young boys and girls – Flora Mwikali
  10. Good News about Gender – Hannah Rasmussen