Date: August 23-25, 2018

Venue: “Vision for Africa International Christian College, Kampala”

Why “Faith and Gender” conference in Uganda?

While studies indicate steady growth of the Church in the sub Sahara  Africa, shocking realities also reveals high level of inequalities. Many  women are still isolated from leadership and decision making platforms  both in church and society. Family and domestic violence is on the rise  while female genital mutilation is hugely and secretly practiced in  silence against the law, among others.

Although churches are among the powerful agents of social change, the  potential danger and risk is the fact that many churches in the region  are still rooted in patriarchal traditions which opposes ideas of women  leadership and equality. The Bible is often interpreted to teach male  leadership and authority which always sideline and deny women equal  opportunity in decision making process.

With delegates mostly faith leaders from sub Sahara Africa and around  the world, this conference invited honest conversation to explore faith  and biblical foundation on equality and justice for women and men in  the church and society. This conference aimed to equip and empower faith  leaders to be strong advocates for equality and justice for women and  men in order to end root causes of Poverty and rampant cases of Sexual  and Gender Based Violence in the region.

Biblical Text

“Faith and Gender: Equality for Women and Men, in the Church and  Society” is based on Romans 15:5ff “…May God, who gives this patience  and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other…”

Plenary presentations and Workshops

Our lineup of speakers includes pastors, authors, professors, and social justice advocates from Africa and around the world.

Ekklesia Foundation was proud to feature the following speakers at the 2018 Kampala conference:


Plenary Speakers and Workshop Speakers


Rev. Dr. Emily Onyango – Senior Lecturer, St. Paul’s University, Limuru
Rev. Dr. Emily Onyango – Senior Lecturer, St. Paul’s University, Limuru

Lecture Title: A Biblical and Cultural Analysis on Gender Equality: A Case Study of the Luo in Kenya.

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Emily Awino Onyango, is a priest in the Anglican  Church in Kenya. She is senior lecturer at St. Paul’s University in  Limuru in Ecclesiastical studies, African Christian theology and gender  studies. She is mainly involved in training of of clergy and lay  training in the Church.


Lecture Title:  A Lie long Told.

The Rev’d Dr. Medad Birungi is a Charismatic Anglican priest working  as an Associate Vicar in Nsambya Parish in the Diocese of Kampala,  Uganda. He is also the Founder and President of  World Shine Ministries  that seeks to Reach, Raise and Release people into their Destiny through  engaging in evangelism, discipleship and intercession in Uganda and  overseas.

Medad studied Bachelor of Arts with Education, Master of Education  from Makerere University. He also studied a Master of Theology fro  London Bible College-Brunel University in London. He has post-graduate  certificates in Christian leadership and Ministry from Haggai Institute  Singapore, University of Zambia Lusaka, Weavery Christian Counselling  Centre, Surrey  UK, Uganda Christian University and Compass Crusade  (Life Ministry Uganda). He has a PhD in Leadership Ethics and Integrity  from Makerere University Kampala Uganda. Rev. Medad is also a Senior  Lecturer in Development Ethics at Kyambogo University in Kampala Uganda.



Lecture Title: On Speaking and Spaces in Proverbs 31: The Struggle to Share within Marriage. Download presentation

Amy J. Chase is an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University, South  Orange, New Jersey. She has studied at Wheaton College (B.A.), Fuller  Seminary (M.A.), and Drew University (Ph.D., anticipated 2019). Her  dissertation examines how Proverbs 31 processes communal anxieties and  constructs identities for men and women within a post-exilic Yehudite  setting.


RT. Rev. Prof. David Kodia – Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Bondo
RT. Rev. Prof. David Kodia – Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Bondo

Lecture Title: The Concept of Gender Equality as a foundation for Global Peace. Download Paper here

The Rt. Rev Prof David Kodia is an accomplished scholar in Biblical  theology. He has been involved in university education for more than 20  years during which he served as the principal of Bishop Okullu College  as well as the Acting Vice Chancellor of the Great Lakes University of  Kisumu.

Prof. Kodia has published widely in numerous referred journals. He  has been a visiting professor of religion in several universities,  supervising both Masters and PhD students. Among his most popular  publications are: The Sociology, Theology, and Intricacies of Truth  in Modern Society; Towards a ministry of social service and challenges  of volunteerism in the church and society in Africa; The Role of the  church in democratization processes in; The Prognosis of the Church’s  involvement in Development in the context of her mission ; Poverty in  Grace: Social Responsibility of the Church and Society in war against  Poverty.

Prof. Kodia was elected and consecrated as the second bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya in the Diocese of Bondo on 4th June 2017. He married Janepher Kodia with whom God blessed them with five children.

Globally Prof. Kodia had been involved in the evaluation of South  Sudan Peace process and was recently elected as the advisor to Religious  leaders in South Sudan on Peace and Reconciliation.



Lecture Title: Being a Light on a Hill (Matt 5:14) . Download Presentation

Nicola has worked as a Christian counsellor for over 25 years  and currently coordinates the Masters of Pastoral Counselling at Charles  Sturt University, Canberra, Australia. For the past 20 year she has  been consulting with the national Anglican Church in Australia about  Professional Standards and sexual misconduct policy. Nicky has extensive  cross cultural experience, having lived in 4 continents, lectured at  the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania: she has also run clergy  training in Tanzania, Pakistan, Indonesia and Canada.


Hannah Rasmussen
Hannah Rasmussen


Lecture Title: Saving Grace for Women: 1 Timothy 2:8-15 . Download presentation

Hannah Rasmusen grew up in Tanzania and Kenya as a missionary kid. At  young age she developed her passions her faith or writing, sharing  faith and advocating for justice. She studied English and sociology at  Manchester college in Minnesota (USA). Through leadership opportunities  in campus ministry and a church internship, God called her to full -time  ministry.

She currently works as editorial assistance on the Africa study  Bible, and is pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Africa International  University in Nairobi.


Ijeoma Anumaka
Ijeoma Anumaka


Lecture Title: Repositioning Women’s  Equal Access to Spiritual and intellectual Power Structure and Policy making in the Church and Society. Download Paper

Ijeoma is a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus  Christ. Happily married with children, has served as a Principal,  Director of Administration and Registrar, in both local Educational  Institutions and International organizations. She has pioneered women  and youths organizations including Team Deborah, Unravel Africa and  presently the Chairperson of Club18+: a socio-cultural mix organization,  interested in individuals’ self-discovery. Ijeoma is also a conference  speaker, author, and has published many local and international  articles. She is hardworking, goal-oriented, very good team spirit and  excellent working relationship, teachable and loves to contribute to  growth and development. She is a Nigerian, of Ibo descent, presently  working and living in Kampala ,Uganda. Ijeoma loves   touching lives by  creating joy in individuals she comes in contact with.



Lecture Title: Two Problematic Passages in the Bible. Download Paper here

Dr. Barb Orlowski lived overseas, with her husband and two children, as  expatriates for nine years in Saudi Arabia and had the privilege of  living cross-culturally and international travel.

Orlowski’s doctoral research looked into the harm of spiritual abuse  in the church.  Her book is entitled “Spiritual Abuse Recovery”:  dynamic  research on finding a place of wholeness.  This book gives voice to  those who have experienced spiritual abuse in their home church and how  they recovered from this devastating experience.

Dr. Barb has taught on the topic of biblical gender equality at many conferences in Kenya and Uganda.




Lecture Title: Living out our identity in Jesus and God’s intention in Creation. Download Presentation

The Rev. Martha Kester is the Rector of St Luke’s Episcopal Church in  Des Moines, Iowa and a Major in the U.S. Army.  She serves God and  country as a Chaplain in the Iowa Army National Guard and was deployed  to Afghanistan in 2010.  Her undergraduate education consists of a  Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin & Marshall College in 1990.   After graduating, she went into youth ministry, where she worked more  than 10 years, until being called to the ordained priesthood within the  Episcopal Church.  After completing the required study, Trinity  Episcopal School for Ministry awarded her a Masters of Divinity in 2006,  and she began serving at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Des Moines,  Iowa that same year.  She has been at St Luke’s since, and the  congregation is both proud and supportive of her military service.




Lecture Title: Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Explore, Learn and Dream without limits. Download Presentation

Pamela MA Kertho is a Development Consultant and founder at  Hupomone Ltd, a company limited by guarantee whose goal is to ensure  social well being through developing skills and capacities of women and  men, girls and boys in socio/economic development. She holds a Master  degree in Development studies from Uganda Martyrs University, Bachelors  degree in Education from Makerere University, Kampala and Post graduate  Diploma in Gender and Women studies from Makerere University, Post  graduate studies in Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of  North Carolina, USA. She has extensive experience in gender  mainstreaming and integration, evidence based policy research, advocacy  and networking skills, Programme development, coordination and  management and excellent skills in communication, team building and  motivational leadership facilitating, and working in a  multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team. Pamela is a born again  woman, married with two children and is active in the Christian Women  fellowship activities of the Anglican Church in Uganda.



Lecture Title: Gender and Redemption. Download Presentation

Frank Michael Tweheyo is a Senior Pastor at Christian Fellowship  Church, Kabale in Uganda and the regional overseer in S.W Uganda. He is  the Africa Regional Coordinator of Empower International Ministries.  He  graduated with diploma in Christian Ministry from Joshua Nations  institute USA, Bachelors degree in International  Christian Ministry  from Kayiwa international University and Masters Degree in Global  Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary Designation. Pastor Frank is  married to Phobice Tweheyo and blessed with miracle twins after 24  years of waiting, Samuel and Samalie.




Lecture Title:Women’s role in the Church: Considering the Whole Counsel of God. Download Presentation

Wayne Pelly serves as an elder in his church with responsibility for  missions (global outreach) and occasionally teaches adult classes. He  has served as a minister with Empower International Ministries since his  first trip in 2011, and with whom this will be his sixth trip to east  Africa to facilitate seminars in biblical gender equality and mutuality.  A former pastor and cost management specialist, he has both a Masters  of Divinity (M.Div.) and a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Pastoral  Ministry.




Lecture Title: Myth of Weilding Authority. Watch the Video here

Cyrus is the lead Pastor of Dominion Faith Church and an acclaimed  teacher of the word of God. He is an international speaker in  Conferences and churches. Cyrus is a regular guest on National and  international TVs and radio stations and also host of “Living by faith”  and “Love Pulse” radio broadcast that airs on Mama Fm in Uganda. He is  an accomplished recording artist and song writer, the author of  “Unlocking Marital Bliss”, “Live life or Die Trying” and others coming  out soon. He is the leader of the Marrieds In Nakawa Division and Ntinda  Pastors fellowship under the National Fellowship of Bornagain Churches  in Uganda. Blissfully married to Pastor Robi Rod, together they have  three children and live in the suburbs of Kampala, the capital city of  Uganda.